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Used this tool in many different ways to help you improve the way you experience your life! Learn how to access your subconscious mind, this controls your beliefs and actions. Learn how to remove, change or modify these existing beliefs that are not working and/or add new appropriate beliefs.

You too can improve your golf game or Master Pain Control, Raise Self Esteem, Stop Smoking, improve your memory and much, much more.

Dear Friend;

When you go to the dentist, do you have a fear of PAIN when you leave and the anesthetic wears off? How about when you go in for a medical procedure, do you expect pain there too? Pain is optional!

Whenever I go to the dentist for a procedure like a root canal, extraction or major gum cleaning I always perform self hypnosis on myself to prepare my body and mouth for the upcoming invasive experience that has resulted in pain in the past. With Self Hypnosis, I no longer have to suffer the residual pain, after the Novacaine wears off.

Self Hypnosis Works for Major Surgery Too!

I, and others have used Self Hypnosis prior to major surgery to prepare my body for the procedure (in detail). I had no pain upon regaining consciousness in the recovery room, the nurses could not understand why I did not need pain meds, even after I told them about my Self Hypnosis.

Use it for Sports and Athletics!

Self Hypnosis is great for improving your golf game or other athletic activity that you choose to participate in. Top athletes and Olympians use this in their training for that extra edge. It helps you find and then get into the groove!

Just Imagine Being Able To:

What past programming do you want to change for your future?

Think about it for a moment, would you like:

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